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July 16, 2010

MSI Credit Solutions

My wife and I (Jamie) got married back in 2007 and had been living in an apartment for nearly 3 years prior.  We lived in a small cramped apartment on the west side of Dallas, TX.

We were really tired of living in such a small place but our credit was just not good at all. My wife had bad credit because of a previous marriage. I also had a marks on my credit from when I lost my job in 2006. I was out of work for 5 months before I finally found a job that pays less then what I use to make.

We decided to go ahead and apply just to see what the outcome would be. The loan officer was very understanding. In times like this there are many people struggling with their credit and how to keep their bills paid.

msi credit solutions

The loan officer took all of our information down, income, ssn, address and all of the necessary paperwork was filed.

The results were instant of course I had a 560 and she had a 610 score. While this was just on the borderline of getting approved, our interest rate was going to be a sky high 8.0%.  This would have put us in a bad situation as far as payments per month.

The loan officer understood and kindly gave us the information to MSI Credit Solutions in Frisco, TX. He said they could help us get a plan together to hopefully do this again in 6 months time. We thanked him and left battered but still alive.

As soon as we got home we gave them a call. They have a free consultaion hotline 1-866-217-9841. We got an instant response from a guy named Victor. He was really kind and immediately began to give us great advice.

After hearing the plan and arranging payment we were off to the races. We got a welcome packet in the mail with stamped evelopes to send our responses back to MSI from the creditors and etc.

Within the first 2 weeks we started to get mail back. They were letters from our lenders, etc trying to verify debt. We dropped them into envelopes and mailed them out to MSI Credit Solutions.

To my amazment on the 5th week we got a letter from experian showing deletions! This was only after a month! I had 2 items and she had 3items deleted. We were so excited to see results so fast.

As the weeks go by we continued to forward the letters and see deletion after deletion. We went back to our lender after only 4 months and our scores were increased by nearly 100 points each! The funny part is that our loan officer was not as suprised as we were, he said he has seen this before with MSI Credit Solutions and thats why he recommends them.

If anyone is in doubt please let this serve as proof it really does work. Take it from us! We took time out of our busy days to create this site. I hope it will convince you to take the first step towards improving your life. Visit their web site at:

msi credit solutions